Resident’s Health Concerns Over 02 Masts on Chafford

“A company wants to put a huge mast emitting radiation, near to a child’s bedroom and it is a simple process. Apply to put a killer conservatory up and obstacles are out up every step of the way”

This is how one resident described the feeling of frustration and resentment residents have with 02’s application to put more masts on Chafford.

The meeting threw up some interesting points.

1.Did any letters from 02 go out to residents as it appears that not one can be traced?
2.Did Warren primary receive any information about the masts?
3.How many creches, nurseries and child-minding operations will the masts be near?

If you go to our communities section, you will see an accompanying film where the leaders of No Masts on Chafford detail their recent meetings with 02.

If you go to the website: details of petitions and audio-casts of this and previous meetings can be located.

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