Sunday, December 3, 2023

Cheale Ousted As Hague Stands Firm

TORY leader Garry Hague’s tough stance on rebel Tory Anne Cheale continues as the Tory Group voted to boot her out of the group.

Former Tory leader, Cllr Cheale has tabled a vote of no confidence in Cllr Hague which is set to be heard at tomorrow (wednesday) nights Full Council Meeting.

The vote took place last night at a meeting of the Thurrock Conservative Group.

Cllr Garry Hague said: “The Conservative Group has prescribed processes and procedures for dealing with grievances against the Leader and indeed any other member of the party.

Cllr Cheale has ignored all of these procedures in submitting her motion to Full Council. Consistent with the rules of the Conservative Group, Cllr Cheale has been offered all due opportunity to amend this situation but has chosen not to.

“She did not attend the Group meeting on 22nd February to explain her reasons.

“Cllr Cheale has left the Conservative Group with no alternative but to remove the Whip from her which means she will no longer be a part of the official Conservative Group on Thurrock Council.

“I am sorry to our residents that this issue has occurred. I can only assure them that Thurrock’s Conservative Group remains focused on ensuring that Thurrock Council is an improving Council and realises it’s full potential for the benefit of our residents and those doing business here.

“I have led Thurrock Council over the past year and good progress has been made in many areas. The Audit Commission recently rated Thurrock as an improving council and it is one of the fastest improving councils in the country. We achieved our best ever GCSE results, our services for vulnerable people are highly rated, we maintain a strong focus on community safety, improving the environment in Thurrock, and delivering value for money for residents.”


  1. Why did Cllr Cheale not attend the Group meeting? if she was so adamant about the vote of no confidence then she should have the courage to stand by her convictions and answer to the party group, instead she has burried her head in the sand and will be remembered for that.

  2. The Audit Commission recently rated Thurrock as an improving council and says it is one of the fastest improving councils in the country. Was that before legal cases were being brought forward against Thurrock Council .By Veolia With a high Court Injunction MrJoe Ramero Proof of date of aerial Photo in a planning meeting.Brining in a Queens counsel by Mr. Hauge to browbeat elected members at great expense to the taxpaying residents of thurrock. Perhaps they would rather no committee to speak for us the people of Thurrock remember officers are employed by the council including B Coomber. These elected councilors are voted in by the residents of thurrock So please be very aware Mr. G Hauge you represent the residents not the chief Execs or planning officers and show some allegiance to your group
    P.S congratulations as a non improving council

  3. Two former leaders have now ‘defected’ from a Conservative party which clearly have issues within its own ranks. Whatever spin Gary Hague wishes to put on a ‘successful’ Council as one which is ‘fast improving.’ The fact is it couldn’t really get any lower i.e. lack of a chief executive, total lack of vision (Olympics around the corner – what are we doing?) lack of support for the 3rd sector (whatever happened to the commitment to N.I. 7 – environment for a thriving 3rd sector – which is part of Thurrock’s LAA.
    Where are we going? I think at the next election time should be called on the Conservatives. Guys you’ve had 5 years and not won friends and influenced people.


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