“Damning Words” From Education Boss

The Tories walked straight into the Labour trap. Perhaps they hadn’t done their homework as well as Cllr Morris.

As Cllr’s Tunde Ojetola and Sue MacPherson extoled the virtues of Chafford Hundred School and Enterprise College, Chair of Thurrock Labour, Cllr Carl Morris produced an item of correspondence he had received from Chafford Hundred Head, Chris Tomlinson.

The letter conveyed the air of absolute desperation and anger that Mr Tomlinson had for the lack of assistance his school had received from the borough.

According the Cllr Morris the letter stated: “If we could leave the borough we would.”

The letter detailed the frustration Mr Tomlinson, Head of the most improved school in the country, had with the funding for his school. it also referred to the promises made to him by the Local Education Authority three years ago that have not been kept.

After the meeting, we spoke to Cllr Garry Hague on this issue. You can see his answer in the interview posted just below.

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