Sunday, December 3, 2023

Staffing Difficulties at Bulphan Primary Slammed By Ofsted

YET ANOTHER Thurrock primary school has received an underwhelming Ofsted report as the government watchdog has labelled Bulphan Primary no more than satisfactory.

The report. like many for Thurrock primaries points to the lack of a permanent Headteacher since the controversial departure of Iain Bendrey last year.

Among the criticisms are:

1. Pupils show satisfactory attitudes to learning but could sometimes get more work completed and take greater pride in its neatness and presentation.

2. They are not always sure how they can improve their work and what they must do to get to the next level in their learning.

3. Attainment in mathematics has been weaker in the recent past partly because too much use is made of workbooks.

4. Teaching is satisfactory. Insufficient use is made of assessments to match the work to pupils’ needs, particularly in mathematics and tracking information is not always used to best advantage.

5. Pupils have not always reached their potential in the younger age groups sometimes as a result of staffing difficulties.

6. The lack of stability in staffing and leadership has hindered the forward thrust of teaching and learning. The pupils adapt well to the changes but the impact of staffing changes is sometimes seen in leisurely attitudes.

In 2000, the school in the affluent village received an outstanding Ofsted report. It will bring into further questions as to what the LEA can do to take the borough away from the “Red Flag” it recently received for educational attainment from the Audit Commission.


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