Monday, February 26, 2024

King of Spin Backs Carl For MP

A POLITICAL heavyweight gave Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Carl Morris a ringing endorsement calling him ” A bedrock Labour candidate that can cement a victory for Labour at the next election.

Speaking at a special fundraiser at the Thameside Theatre, former Labour Party, Director of Communications Alastair Campbell entertained the audience to a whirlwind tour of political issues, past, present and future.

Before the “show”, Mr Campbell spoke to YourThurrock about the changing landscape of politics with specific reference to social networking and a view on the recent narrowing polls.


  1. Not sure if PPC Morris should take this endorsement that seriously concidering this was from the person who was involved in the preparation and release of the “September Dossier” in September 2002 and the “Iraq Dossier” in February 2003 which argued the case for the WMD’s in Iraq, and was quoted as saying “Come on, you don’t seriously think we won’t find anything?” then following the death of David Kelly he then resigned.

    Definately a spin doctor who has come out with some very questioable things in his time, I certainly would take what he says with a very large pinch of salt


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