Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mackinlay Pays Tribute to Former Labour Leader

THURROCK MP Andrew Mackinlay paid tribute to former leader Michael Foot who died last night aged 93.

There are many who may never have heard of Michael Foot but the same people will have heard of “Unfair Dismissal” It is the great socialist who forced through legislation in the seventies to give workers/employees protection and the right to claim unfair dismissal.

Speaking from the House of Commons, Mr Mackinlay said: “He was one of the great parliamentarians, speaking without notes using a flowing oratory that we may well not see the like of which again.

“He accompanied me out on the streets in political campaigns and he was a joy to be in the company of, so steeped in Labour history.

“He was a close friend of Thurrock MP Hugh Delargy MP-1950-1976). The Tribune members could be seen huddled in a corner of the smoking room in the House.”

“One of his great speeches was at the vote of no confidence at the end of the Callaghan government (1979) as well as the Falklands Debate in 1982.”


  1. very sad news with passing of Mr Foot, such a character of politics which is something that we do not have many of, he was a true “Old Labour” Leader


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