Tuesday, May 30, 2023

UKIP Blast Council Leader Over Interims

ANYONE  familiar with social networking site will know that under “Relationship Status” you have the option of writing: married, single, divorced or “It’s Complicated”

The final option was the term council leader, Cllr Garry Hague used to describe the amount of money it costs to employ Interim Chief Executive Bob Coomber.

The question had been set by  UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate, Clive Broad at last weeks full council meeting.

But Clive was somewhat taken aback by the answer from Cllr Hague.

Speaking after the meeting, Clive said: “What type of answer was that. I’m in business. If I invoice a customer. I write how much it costs. I don’t write: “It’s Complicated”

“I am not happy with the answer and we will be taking it further.”


  1. Mr Broad is straight talking, ask him a question and he gives you a straight answer whether you agree with his response or not.
    The sooner he is elected the better place Thurrock will be.

  2. • Two bob, Bob?

    Mike Ashley pledges to do ‘what?s best for Newcastle?
    But staff are unhappy at the prospect of having to go without toast, cups of tea and desk fans and claim the move will only serve to further depress morale.
    The action plan was revealed in a report to councillors which shows the authority’s fuel bill topped £10million last year, including £3.5million for gas and £5.8million for electricity.
    Among the proposed measures are the ‘removal of all non-council kettles, toasters, fridges, fan heaters, and other non-approved appliances from offices and establishments.’
    The council is also considering turning off safety lighting in some buildings and car parks during the night and at weekends, and ditching post-it notes in favour of scrap paper.
    Belinda Miller, the council’s head of economic and environmental sustainability, outlined ways to meet the ambitious fuel reduction targets in the report.
    She said: ‘There is an expectation by staff, elected members and the public that reducing our waste of energy and other resources should be a priority.’
    But Mike Middleton, a representative for the GMB union, warned there are not enough canteen facilities in all council buildings and banning such items may hit morale.
    He added: ‘Although we appreciate the need for efficiencies, there may be mixed messages that affect staff morale.’
    Opposition Labour councillor Willie Young labelled the idea ‘daft’, adding: ‘It will get people’s backs up – you have to be practical.’
    Councillor John Stewart, of the ruling Liberal Democrat / SNP coalition, said nothing had been approved, but was worried that banning toasters and kettles would lead to a demand for council-approved ‘replacements’.
    He also questioned the proposals to teach staff to drive more efficiently, arguiing: ‘You’ve got to balance the cost of training against the projected financial savings.’
    Earlier this year, it was earlier revealed that the council’s temporary chief executive, Bob Coomber, a financial expert from London, would earn £1,000 a day to sort out its money troubles.
    Dear Mr Broad, i hope this helps answer your question. What a waste of space and council taxpayers money.


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