UKIP Blast Council Leader Over Interims

ANYONE  familiar with social networking site will know that under “Relationship Status” you have the option of writing: married, single, divorced or “It’s Complicated”

The final option was the term council leader, Cllr Garry Hague used to describe the amount of money it costs to employ Interim Chief Executive Bob Coomber.

The question had been set by  UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate, Clive Broad at last weeks full council meeting.

But Clive was somewhat taken aback by the answer from Cllr Hague.

Speaking after the meeting, Clive said: “What type of answer was that. I’m in business. If I invoice a customer. I write how much it costs. I don’t write: “It’s Complicated”

“I am not happy with the answer and we will be taking it further.”

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