Sunday, December 3, 2023

MP Slams “Hapless” Tories

“I BELIEVE in good government and what happened at Thurrock Council last week was not good government” This is the withering critique of South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Angela Smith on the events in the council chamber last week.

Our monthly surgery with Angela covers a huge gamut of subjects from Dragons’ Den at Corringham Primary School to the demands on the voluntary sector.

Once again the word “shambles” was used. Ms Smith believes that “clinging to power when you are not really wanted” is not a healthy way to lead your own party but also your own council.

Whilst Thurrock MP Andrew Mackinlay has been reluctant to be drawn into the controversy, Angela is happy to comment as: “I see my workload increase as the public become increasingly frustrated at the inertia down there.”

Needless to say, we also discussed the “bullying” accusations emanating from 10 Downing Street. Angela is adamant that in the years she worked closely with PM, Gordon Brown, she never saw any evidence of bullying. Infact she was surprised that the author, Andrew Rawnsley didn’t ask for her side of the story.


  1. hahahahah, is that first comment from Ms Smith meant to be a joke ““I BELIEVE in good government ” how the hell can any Labour politician utter those words with honesty, has Ms Smith been on a different planet for the past decade whilst her party have asset stripped the whole country and bought it to it’s knees she is obviously still wearing her rose coloured glasses if she thinks that labour are good government.

    Ms Smiths other comment ““clinging to power when you are not really wanted” could be levelled at a certain Mr Brown

  2. Albert, whilst you may be correct about Gary Hague I don’t even think he is anywhere near the lying leader borad compared to Blair & Brown

  3. Are the policies and getting the borough straight more important than the mud slinging going on at the moment?


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