YourThurrock Twitters…..

WE have been twittering for about a year now (1800 followers) but from this weekend we are putting a direct feed onto the yourthurrock site.

For the uninitiated, twitter ( is a social networking site where in 140 characters or less tell the world what you are doing.

Now, we just want to assure you that we will not be telling you whether we are having marmalade or honey for breakfast etc.

The idea is to augment the 24/7 365 feel of the site. Even as we write, Michael C is getting ready to interview Phil Daniels at Lakeside, Mike Jones is grappling with a broken tape, Lucy has gone on a bike ride in Stanford etc.

The site can give you the goals as they go in around the grounds, breaking news from the council chamber, traffic problems or indeed when we see the police helicopter etc.

The feed will be especially relevant with the General and local elections just around the corner.

So…have a look and twitter away!

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