Are There Too Many “Adequate” Care Homes in Thurrock?

FILMING at the Thurrock Dignity Day, it was clear to see that there are many many people passionate about care in Thurrock. You just have to spend five minutes with Thurrock LINK’s Kim O’Connell, Christian Care Homes’ Mico Bienvenu, Thurrock Council’s Tania Sitch, the staff at Collins House and many many more to understand that it is more than just a job to them.

But going into the CQC website, there still seems to be far too many care homes in Thurrock that have only a One Star grading from the Care Quality Commission.

For accuracies sake: One Star means “Adequate”. The rating below that is “Poor”. We are not saying that those concerned with these care homes don’t care, it is an intensively difficult job but nine care homes in the borough does seem to be a relatively high number.

In the recent documentary series with businessmen Sir Gerry Robinson on care homes, he believed that if “One Star” and below care homes were schools, then they would be shut down.

Bluebell Court has moved up from a zero rating to a one star however 51-53 Mollands Lane has received it’s third One Star rating in as many years. In 2007, the home was the subject of a criminal investigation. No charges were ever made.

In Thurrock, the following Care Homes are rated with One Star.

One Star Care Homes

1 Wharf Close, Stanford-le-Hope

28 Medina Road, Grays

295 Long Lane, Grays

51-53 Mollands Lane, Grays

Bluebell Court, Stanley Road, Grays

Coach House, Ward Avenue, Grays

Grapecroft, Calcutta Road, Tilbury

Hollywood Rest Home, Cresthill Avenue, Grays

Merrie Loots, East Tilbury Road, Stanford-le-Hope.

At the other end of the scale. According to the CQC website, only two care homes in Thurrock have received an Excellent Rating. It makes for depressing reading when looking for an excellent care home , within a ten mile radius of Grays to find home after home in other boroughs but just a paltry two in Thurrock.

Three Star Care Homes

117-119 Mollands Lane

Christian Care Homes, Oak House, Stanford-le-Hope

YourThurrock will be following up this article with planned interviews with the award winning Satash Community Care who administer 117 Mollands Lane and Mico Bienvenu from Christian Care Homes. We will also be looking for an opportunity to speak to the owners of the nine homes that currently have “1 Star” status.

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