Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Chilcott Inquiry

OPINIONS on the Inquiry are varied. Some see it as a cornerstone of democracy to have such a system of scrutiny while others view it as a marshmallow inquisition that has allowed the witnesses including Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell and Gordon Brown a relatively easy ride.

Andrew Mackinlay has always insisted that they should have had to swear an oath and has had several other reservations regarding the judicial process.

YourThurrock caught up with the retiring MP to assess his view of the Inquiry.


  1. Some very good points made by Mr Mackinlay regarding the Chilcott enquiry, this enquiry will not come to anything in my opinion, nobody will be held to account for Tony Blair and his cabinets catalog of lies to the House regarding WMD, Mr Blair stated in the enquiry that we were right and just to go to war against Sadam even if the WMD’s were not there as this would be for regime change, if he was so concerened about reginme change why did he not go into Zimbabwe and depose Mugabe, or even North Korea??

    The Labour government will now try to save face over the Iraq war but the blood of our brave soldiers is firmly on their hands.


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