Sunday, March 3, 2024

Driver Arrested After Worker Struck on A13

A WORKER on the A13 received multiple injuries at the weekend after being struck by a vehicle that careered out of control.

The accident happened just after 10pm on friday night on the Southend bound section of the A13 near to Wennington.

According to sources, it is understood that a blue Renault Clio may have veered off the road, clipped a “protection” vehicle before striking the worker.

A spokesperson for Essex Ambulance confirmed that three vehicles were called to the scene. The man was transferred to Basildon Hospital.

Further details to follow.


A 43 year old driver was arrested on suspicion of careless driving and drinking and driving. He was bailed until May 4th.


  1. When incidents like this happen it should bring home the reality to those amongst us who litter our roadside and those that selfishly drive in a manner to put others at risk.

    A man lies in hospital this morning, not knowing his fate, the injuries serious enough for him to be permantly diabled, or lose a limb, god be with you.

    Roadworkers put their trust in road users to keep them safe. SO HELP them, the pre warning signs are there for us all to see 1mile before the start of the works closure, with countdown boards at 200m intervals from 800m, showing wihich lanes are affected, not rocket science, but for too many their ignorance can see numerous near misses every shift.

    Driver education is needed, how many times to see congestion around the tapers closing down carriageway lanes, with a bit of fore thought, get into the right lane(s) early from the 800m (advisory signs), a proven fact is that if you do and observe the speed limit through these areas, you can travel congestion free at say 40 – 45mph, instead of 70mph then brake and snails pace fro 10 mins, simple really.

    For the litter bugs, as part of any punishment metered out (if they are caught) they, should be made to undertake enough training to go out onto these byways and pick up the litter dropped by themselves and others, then perhaps they will get a feel for the dangers that roadworkers put themselves in every time they step out to work on high speed roads.

    I feel that the average Joey doesn’t give a second thought to what trauma’s their selfish and ignorant acts can have.



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