Monday, May 20, 2024

Volunteering in Thurrock

SOME people will say why? Why give up your time for nothing? Why provide cheap labour? Fair points. Others would say that you are not thinking outside the box and perhaps our interviewee in this news item, Lucy Chipperfield is a classic example of why you should volunteer.

After leaving Sussex Univ with a degree in media, Stanford graduate Lucy, returned to the borough and started working at a desk job. It wasn’t ideal but it was work. Lucy wanted to make the most of her free time so responded to an advert for V-volunteering. Lucy saw everything as an opportunity and impressed everyone with her positive attitude.

A year later, she was recruited by the Duke of Edinburgh to work with them. We were so impressed that Lucy has been doing some work with us and now, she has been taken on part-time by V-volunteering as well. Now she is a very busy woman indeed!

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