Sunday, December 3, 2023

No Room For Building

RESIDENTS in the Grove Road area of Grays are continuing to fight the council over plans to build upon vital car-parking space in the borough.

Led by Chairman of the Orchards Community Forum, Mike Stone, over 400 residents have signed the petition. The council have plans to introduce the first council housing in the borough in a scheme called Project Enterprise but the residents believe that there is simply no space.

Mr Stone spoke to the Health and Well-Being Overview and Scrutiny Committee last night (tuesday).

The council had informed the meeting that all four car parking areas were only busy at the weekends.

Mr Stone pointed out that they were busy all the time.

YourThurrock interviewed Mr Stone and fellow residents in Grove Road. If you look carefully (1.09) you can see a council officer go to her car in the packed car park!


  1. Mr Stone and the Orchards Community Forum are correct, there is no space left in this part of Grays for housing, it seems that nay peice of land in going to become bricks and mortar, just how many buildings do they think they can squeeze into these small areas, just look at Chafford Hundred, apologies to those who live there, this area is over populated and every bit of land was developed.

    We keep hearing about the development of housing around Thurrock but the health and education infrastructure in the area cannot cope with a more dense populus, our neaest Hospital is 15miles away in basildon since the closure of Orsett as a full hospital, our schoos are already oversubscribed.

    Something needs to be done to stop the growth of housing in the area.

  2. lambo you should ask 2 bob,bob Coomber his running the council he should get his finger out being that he earns £1400 a day

  3. Politics in Thurrock is stark raving mad.

    Tories trying to build Council houses and Labour trying to stop them.

    The Tories are the ones that are supposed to hate council houses not Labour.


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