Thursday, June 13, 2024

David Cameron Visits Tilbury

YOU HAVE the feeling that the next fifty days are going to be very busy. With both constituencies marginal and seen as “bellweather” seats, there will be a steady stream of big hitters coming into town.

Yesterday, Leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron was taken on a tour of the Port of Tilbury by Managing Director Perry Glading to assess the economic condition of the Port and where it stands in the 21st century. A key aspect of their discussions was the plan to build a number of wind turbines at the Port as part of a number of eco-focussed strategies and constructions at the port.


  1. Lambo, you obviously have great admiration for Mr Morris.
    Perhaps a complete clean sweep is needed locally which Mr Broad (UKIP) may bring?

  2. MIDDX17 I totally agree that a complete clean sweep is needed locally UKIP, BNP, LIB, GREEN any other party that may be standing but they need to have the local electorates needs in the forefront, too long has TBC been fueld by in fighting and petty squabbles between the two major parties that the local people are now suffering form their Councillors neglect.


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