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Senior Tory Slams Chafford Head

WE HOPE Cllr Mike Revell isn’t too offended at the term “Senior”. In many ways, Mike is the keeper of the Tory flame in Thurrock and perhaps the Conservative most in tune with true Tory ideals. In many ways, he feels like the only Tory we could have a proper conversation about the rich historical heritage of Peel, Disraeli, Churchill and Thatcher.

Cllr Revell hasn’t been slow in criticising Chafford Hundred Head for his comments, “That if his school could leave the borough it would….and he feels that the most improved school in the United Kingdom has become “an embarrassment and a problem” for the Tories.

Cllr Revell counters these criticisms. he wouldn’t be drawn on the failed BSF bid. Maintaining party discipline, he left that to Cllr Sue MacPherson on thursday.


  1. Very good interview with probing questions, Cllr Revell is correct in stating that the lack of funding is from Central Govenment rather than Local Government, this Labour administration has gone against everything that they used to stand for and have squandered away the Public Purse.

    The headteacher of CHC should direct his comments and anger at the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Rt Hon Ed Balls MP and find out where all the money for their Education, Education, Education commitment went to

  2. Lambo, it is getting a little boring reading your knee jerk support of the conservatives under every political article.
    The BSF programme is a funding stream that LEA’s have to bid for. It is clear from this that the money will be limited to those Authorities that are successful. According to cllr Revell in his interview, Thurrock started bidding for the money when he was portfolio holder and failed. They have failed again under Cllr MacPherson. Such is the problem with having to make bids.
    Cllr Revell is firstly implying that central government would have promised the money to expand Chafford under the BSF programme. This could not be the case. Then he is implying that the reason there is not enough money in the BSF programme to fund the full school building programme is because of their (apparent) mis-management of the economy. Again this is unlikely to be the case or Cllr Revell would have taken great delight in pointing out that the money in this bidding round had been reduced.
    Overall, I think it is easier to believe the headteacher of the school, and if Michael is correct a lot of other headteachers, that the conservative council are not very good at running schools rather than a politician who makes a clear statement that he does not think LEA’s can be any good.

  3. What if they didnt pay Bob coomber 500.000 a year or 1000 to 1400 pounds a day they would have the money to put into schools and thats what Thurrocks paying him [THATS WHERE THURROCKS MONEY IS GOING] IF YOU THINK THAT SUM WRONG MAKE GARRY TELL YOU THE REAL SUM HE IS PAYED

  4. Cllr Revell you “Senior”. bullshiter [THE Tory flame has gone out like you only YOU DONT KNOW] IF YOU CAN TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU PAY COOMBER

  5. albert, I assume that you do not like Mr Coomber then???

    I take it that Mr Coomber was bought into Thurrock Council from Soutwark Council into the interim position of Chief Exec with the backing of all the Councillors or was this done behind their backs by Mr Haugue, which I would find very strange.

    I would like to know where you get your information regarding the salary that you are quoting as I cannot locate this anywhere on the council site or the internet, do you have insider information? the average salary for a CEO in local councils is approx £200k.

    In 2009 the top earner for a council CEO was from Newham with a salary of £240K

  6. • Two bob, Bob?

    Mike Ashley pledges to do ‘what?s best for Newcastle?
    But staff are unhappy at the prospect of having to go without toast, cups of tea and desk fans and claim the move will only serve to further depress morale.
    The action plan was revealed in a report to councillors which shows the authority’s fuel bill topped £10million last year, including £3.5million for gas and £5.8million for electricity.
    Among the proposed measures are the ‘removal of all non-council kettles, toasters, fridges, fan heaters, and other non-approved appliances from offices and establishments.’
    The council is also considering turning off safety lighting in some buildings and car parks during the night and at weekends, and ditching post-it notes in favour of scrap paper.
    Belinda Miller, the council’s head of economic and environmental sustainability, outlined ways to meet the ambitious fuel reduction targets in the report.
    She said: ‘There is an expectation by staff, elected members and the public that reducing our waste of energy and other resources should be a priority.’
    But Mike Middleton, a representative for the GMB union, warned there are not enough canteen facilities in all council buildings and banning such items may hit morale.
    He added: ‘Although we appreciate the need for efficiencies, there may be mixed messages that affect staff morale.’
    Opposition Labour councillor Willie Young labelled the idea ‘daft’, adding: ‘It will get people’s backs up – you have to be practical.’
    Councillor John Stewart, of the ruling Liberal Democrat / SNP coalition, said nothing had been approved, but was worried that banning toasters and kettles would lead to a demand for council-approved ‘replacements’.
    He also questioned the proposals to teach staff to drive more efficiently, arguiing: ‘You’ve got to balance the cost of training against the projected financial savings.’
    Earlier this year, it was earlier revealed that the council’s temporary chief executive, Bob Coomber, a financial expert from London, would earn £1,000 a day to sort out its money troubles.

  7. Sorry Albert but you lost me with the line about Mike Ashley and Newcastle, what has that got to do with Thurrock???

    As for the bits in the article I think they were sensible options in regards to getting rid of personal (non council) electrical items, switching off lighting which was not required, improving driving standards to drive more economically, this is something that has happened across all industries not just Thurrock or other councils, yes the Unions would jump up and down as they normally do as would the Labour members as they hate any form of change.

    As for the quote regarding the £1k per day was this an accurate quote or just something from a tabloid journo or local hack, can the claim be substanciated by real proof from TBC???

  8. For Coomber to get £500,000 as Albert suggest on another post on this site Coomber would have to work 365 days per year for £1,400 per day.

    Out of interest all councillors Labour/Tory/BNP/East Tilbury Indies voted unanimously to appoint Coomber as an Interim Chief Executive on the 25th March 2009 with a salary 10/20% higher than a permamnent chief executive. The information is on the thurrock councils website but not the details of his wages.

    If the average wage is £200,000 as Lambo suggest this would make his wages £240,000? Pure speculation.

    So all councillors are responsible.

  9. Dingle, I had the same thought regarding alberts calculations, he sugges that Mr Coomber is paid £1k per day now this is £260k based on 5 days a week/52 weeks a year so where the remainder of the £500k is coming from is beyond me.

    Now whilst £260k is a nice tidy salary it is probably on par with what the majority of CEO’s recieve in the public sector at todays rates so I personaly don’t have any issues with this.

    As you say Mr Coomber was voted in by all parties so they cant have any complaints in the council about this appointment.

  10. If he was appointed to sort out the finances and his paid the going rate and he does his job right, then who can argue?
    Question is, is it the going rate and is he doing his job right?

  11. Although the salary of Bob Coomber might be an interesting debate. Equally interesting to note is that The Gazette (in the printed edition) listed the schools which would have benefited from the failed BSF bid. Chafford was not amongst them. So I fail to see how anyone could claim that the Council were supporting that school and the Government are responsible for the work not going ahead.


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