Senior Tory Slams Chafford Head

WE HOPE Cllr Mike Revell isn’t too offended at the term “Senior”. In many ways, Mike is the keeper of the Tory flame in Thurrock and perhaps the Conservative most in tune with true Tory ideals. In many ways, he feels like the only Tory we could have a proper conversation about the rich historical heritage of Peel, Disraeli, Churchill and Thatcher.

Cllr Revell hasn’t been slow in criticising Chafford Hundred Head for his comments, “That if his school could leave the borough it would….and he feels that the most improved school in the United Kingdom has become “an embarrassment and a problem” for the Tories.

Cllr Revell counters these criticisms. he wouldn’t be drawn on the failed BSF bid. Maintaining party discipline, he left that to Cllr Sue MacPherson on thursday.

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