Friday, May 24, 2024

Lib Dem Confident After Spring Conference

Thurrock Lib-Dem candidate, Carys Davis has returned from party’s Spring Conference in Birmingham confident that they can make a real impression in the next election.

Ms Davis said: “There was a buzz of excitement at Conference with activists from all over the country keen to take on this failed Labour government.

“Speaking to other candidates, I found what I’m hearing from people in Thurrock is being replicated all over the country – they’ve had enough of a two party system that simply hasn’t made the country a fairer place to live.

“Our policy to overhaul the system for low and middle income earners has had a great response, because it puts the needs of ordinary people above those of the rich.

“There’s consenus that this is the biggest opportunity we’ve had in many elections and we’re the only party with the policies that will really bring the change we need.

“Nick Clegg gave an inspiring speech, emphasising that we’re putting Britain’s financial future at the heart of our policy.

“It’s not just about cleaning up the banks, but providing ordinary people with fairer taxes.


  1. Thurrock is a long way down the Tory target list and is not natural territory for them.  If Ms Davis is ever to secure second place in Thurrock, and thus a chance of winning it, it is likely to be by displacing the Tories.  So, Ms Davis should be gunning for Tory wards and voters.  In Sth Badildon/E Thurrock the reverse is true, so the Lib Dems should be after Labour votes there. 


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