Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tilbury Ferry “Saved”

IN WHAT could be seen as a political masterstroke, prospective parliamentary candidate Carl Morris has single-handedly navigated an agreement to save the Tilbury Ferry.

Last month, Thurrock Council announced that it had proposed to pull its funding from the ferry for several reasons including an assertion that very few people used the 1,000 year old ferry.

With over 2,000 members from around the world supporting a facebook campaign and petitions galore on the government website, Cllr Morris approached the Chief Executive of the Port of Tilbury, Perry Glading, to see if he could help. Mr Glading was more than happy to help and has contributed £20,000 to the cause.

We understand that Thurrock Council has also “found the money” to keep the ferry afloat.

YourThurrock interviewed Carl Morris and Perry Glading at the Thurrock Business Awards last night.


  1. Good to see private capital rather than taxpayers money is subsidising this failing business.

    All we need now is for Carl Morris to find £52.6 million that his Labour Government is cutting from Basildon Hospitals budget, £70 million taken from the Palmers college rebuild, £80 that has been taken away from rebuilding Thurrock’s schools and the £80 million snatched from the Thurrock Learning campus.

  2. Well said Dingle, I doubt very much that PPC Morris will comment on his party’s failing with the country.

    This ferry should never have been funded by the public purse in the first place, it should be a private transport system, and from the amount of people that use it it seems to be a failing business.

    I suppose PPC Morris will be living on the back of this story for a while…..


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