Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Timelord Comes To Lakeside.

AS Doctor Who prepares to rematerialise on our screens, this time played by Matt Smith, Waterstone’s Lakeside is marking the occasion by playing host to former Time Lord Colin Baker, who played the sixth incarnation of the legendary Time Lord. Colin will be in the store this Saturday, the 27th of March, from 11am signing copies of his book ‘Look Who’s Talking’.

For 15 years Colin has contributed a column to his local newspaper, the Bucks Free Press, and this book is a compilation of the best of those writings taking in every conceivable subject along the way!

Also joining us in store will be Anneke Wills. Long before Billie Piper or Catherine Tate stepped aboard the TARDIS, Anneke was travelling among the stars as companion to the original Doctor Who, William Hartnell, and was present in 1966 for the first ever regeneration from Hartnell to Patrick Troughton. Anneke remembers her timetravelling days as Polly, along with the rest of her life in two autobiographical volumes, ‘Self Portrait’ and ‘Naked’. Anneke’s extraordinary life takes the reader around the globe, and takes in many life changing adventures on the way.

The worlds of Doctor Who fandom will also be descending upon us, with author Paul Castle signing his book, written by fans and previously available online, ‘Shooty Dog Thing’, and we will be playing host to Doctor Who Podcasters in the store!

The event is free to attend, but customers must purchase the promoted books to meet the guests.


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