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Tilbury Ferry: Capsizing the Labour Vote?

THE “saving” of the Tilbury Ferry has been a fascinating political process but on the eve of the local elections, it has brought into question whether it will do more harm than good for Labour’s chances of winning the elections in May.

One thing is beyond doubt: the Labour Group will miss Carl Morris and (although they would never admit it) the Tories will breath a heavy sigh of relief should he be elected MP. Who would have ambushed Cllrs’ Ojetola and MacPherson over Chafford Hundred School and who would have marshalled the locals to campaign against the Tilbury Ferry.

But what appears to have happened is that one of the campaigners, Ian Heffron, has declared his candidacy for the Tilbury St Chads ward, standing as an Independent and Mr Heffron has asked the question, as have others, as to where were the Tilbury councillors during the whole process?

You could argue that Richard Bingley is retiring to which you may counter: well he will be handing back a percentage of his allowance then? but Cllrs Okunade and Worrall have been notable by their absence. You do worry that there has been a policy of “Oh, let Carl do it…” which has led to a degree of complacency.

Some observers are now concerned that an Independent standing may let the BNP in but you have the feeling that Mr Heffron may garner enough votes on his own to beat all and sundry.

Whereas Mr Heffron has realised and embraced the importance of facebook and been part of the 1800 members from all over the world who have joined the “Save The Tilbury Ferry” page, it has been noticed that the Tilbury councillors appear oblivious to the whole campaign.

Labour be warned. You lost the 2007 and 2008 campaigns at a local level because your campaigning strategy was hopelessly out of date. Those who don’t learn the lessons of history….well… know the rest……..or do you?

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  1. Very interesting article, reading between the lines it just shows that the local Labour party are in just as much disarray as at national level.

    The save the ferry campaign was a one man stand from PPC Morris who saw this as an opportunity to grab some airtime in his campaign to rise through the ranks I cannot see any other reason behind this.

    Proof will soon be seen regarding the state of the local labour party when the electorate submit their votes, just through general chats a lot of people have no faith in either labour or Conservative so the results will be very interesting to see.

    Council Elections 6TH MAY 2010.
    St Chads Tilbury Ward.

    From Ian Heffron. Age 54. Running as ‘Independent’.

    My Campaign is linked to the Save Tilbury Ferry Protests, which have a huge membership on Facebook.
    There are a number issues that the Ferry protest raises.

    Foremost is the crase disregard of those whose, day to day life will be severely impacted on.

    These members of the Community either work in or close to Tilbury or Gravesend, and use the the service almost daily, it is a core part of their life.

    Should the Ferry be scrapped, then they will initially have to look at:
    Completely reorganising their life, for a family man or woman these hours are crucial.
    Extra travelling, this means the minimum is a car journey across the QE2 Bridge or as in some cases a very long train journey followed by a bus trip.
    Extra cost, this WILL cause SERIOUS hardship, none of us can say we have not been hurt by the recession, then bring in the added burden of finding more funds to just earn a living.
    Extra impact on their Carbon footprint, whilst the Ferry has its own unique Carbon Footprint, I doubt it out ways the extra damage that will be done to the environment by forcing Ferry uses onto the road. Or other forms of travel.

    This action threatened closure of the ferry has been brought by a narrow minded group who are hell bent on saving PENNIES because, in the grand scheme of things it is chicken feed.

    Now add in the Historic value this service has, it is literally HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD, why are these people so happy to sink such an historic part of the Community, and lets be clear on this the FERRY BELONGS TO THE TILBURY COMMUNITY.

    Not the council in Thurrock.

    We are in a position where we can bring a voice to the council, to this end I will stand as an Independent candidate at the Thurrock Council elections for the St Chads Ward on the 6th May.

    I am asking you to VOTE for me, I am and will be for the community.


    You can email me on;

  3. Even you Lambo must give Mr Morris some credit for this whether it is a viable business (the ferry) or not..

    This is the problem, credit must be given when credit is due, not just put the man down because he is Labour which you do not agree with

    I still think Mr Broad is the way forward, his a local business man as well, has been for many years which is invaluable.

  4. Mr Heffron will be unable to stand as a candidate. As a resident of Canvey Island he does not meet the 12 month residence rule and neither has he been in employment in Thurrock for a complete 12 months. He only moved to Canvey Island from Wales last August and is a volunteer at the Tilbury Resources Project since last September so he will be rejected as a candidate when he submits his nomination papers..

  5. This last week has been incredible, I am now realising the depth of feeling amongst certain people within the Tilbury area.

    I have been accused by some people of splitting the vote, allowing the BNP to get in.

    That is absolute rubbish:
    Don’t blame me for the past inactions by the electorate or political parties, that is a pathetic cop out.

    I have been informed that the Riverside Ward is up for election, so therefore it makes sense to run there, which I will do.
    This will place me head to head with the BNP, I welcome this challenge. I have no axe to grind with them, the issue is the Ferry.

    Now accuse me of splitting the vote.

    The facebook group was set up to SAVE THE FERRY.

    Why are we being attacked by certain individuals, reason they are scared that having not previously stood up to be counted when the Ferry debate began, they are now on the back foot, that is not my fault or the fault of the groups creators.

    From what I can see only ONE Senior Labour member has shown their desire openly in this battle, so how can WE be the wrongdoers here.

    To those who wish to argue that I am not qualified to run I suggest they take another look at the criteria, I genuinely believe that I qualify.

    During the last 12 months I have been employed as the VOLUNTEER PROJECT MANAGER for the Tilbury Riverside Project, this is a local charity and is based literally next to the Ferry.

    This is an extract from the criteria. The candidate must also meet at least one of four qualifications on the day they are nominated and on polling day,

    • their main or only place of work during the last 12 months has been in the local authority area.

    To those who are passionate about the election and saving the Ferry then I ask, vote for me.

    The Ferry IS NOT SECURE.

    Therefore I will continue my fight to save a piece of Tilburys history.

  6. I back Mr Heffron regarding the ferry but in Thurrock we have many more things to concern ourselves such as the Lorry parking, The new building plans and also the possible plan to site a refuse and recycling facility on Tilbury Marshes.

    Whilst I accept that it is indeed good for the ferry to remain I feel that we also need to concentrate on local issues in total which is it seems something that has been ignored.

    I am standing as an independant at the next election in May for Thurrock Park and Tilbury Riverside so will obviously split Mr Heffron’s vote .

    I am not sure that the seat occupied by the BNP is up for grabs anyway this time but may become vacant if Ms Colgate is to stand as an MP as reported she cannot do both jobs.

    We at Thurrock Park beleive we should be taken seriously by the council and the council should be a body that is not subject to party politics. I would like to see a change in local government away from Westminster and more back to Thurrock where we can do a lot more for OUR community.

    Mr Heffron lets join forces to see if we can unseat some of the entrenched party politics and give the community back to the people. If you live in St Chads then go for it !!

    i am on facebook send a message.


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