Tilbury Ferry: Capsizing the Labour Vote?

THE “saving” of the Tilbury Ferry has been a fascinating political process but on the eve of the local elections, it has brought into question whether it will do more harm than good for Labour’s chances of winning the elections in May.

One thing is beyond doubt: the Labour Group will miss Carl Morris and (although they would never admit it) the Tories will breath a heavy sigh of relief should he be elected MP. Who would have ambushed Cllrs’ Ojetola and MacPherson over Chafford Hundred School and who would have marshalled the locals to campaign against the Tilbury Ferry.

But what appears to have happened is that one of the campaigners, Ian Heffron, has declared his candidacy for the Tilbury St Chads ward, standing as an Independent and Mr Heffron has asked the question, as have others, as to where were the Tilbury councillors during the whole process?

You could argue that Richard Bingley is retiring to which you may counter: well he will be handing back a percentage of his allowance then? but Cllrs Okunade and Worrall have been notable by their absence. You do worry that there has been a policy of “Oh, let Carl do it…” which has led to a degree of complacency.

Some observers are now concerned that an Independent standing may let the BNP in but you have the feeling that Mr Heffron may garner enough votes on his own to beat all and sundry.

Whereas Mr Heffron has realised and embraced the importance of facebook and been part of the 1800 members from all over the world who have joined the “Save The Tilbury Ferry” page, it has been noticed that the Tilbury councillors appear oblivious to the whole campaign.

Labour be warned. You lost the 2007 and 2008 campaigns at a local level because your campaigning strategy was hopelessly out of date. Those who don’t learn the lessons of history….well…..you know the rest……..or do you?

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