Thursday, February 22, 2024

Minister Out In Force To Support Carl

ARMED FORCES Minister Bill Rammell had just stepped off the plane after a fact finding missing in Afghanistan but wanted to fulfill a commitment to speak to the Thurrock Gurkhas at the Grays Shopping Centre.

Mr Rammell has his own challenges at the moment as he is defending a slim majority of 97 over in Harlow however he has a few things to say about his opponent.

YourThurrock spoke to Mr Rammell about the challenges facing Thurrock; the challenges facing the country in Iraq and Afghanistan; the Budget and the election.


  1. This government have lost the support of the majority of serving soldiers due to their lack of investment in equipment for the brave souls fighting the governments illegal war in Afganistan and Iraq, how MP Rammell has the front to discuss things with the Gurkahs whilst our lads are still battling for their equipment in a war zone is beyond contempt.

  2. What vomit inducing hypocrisy from these Labour politicians.

    I wonder if the Thurrock Ghurkhas asked why just a few months ago the Labour Government was trying so hard to deport them until Joanna Lumley stepped in and forced a government u-turn and now these very same Labour politicians appear so eager to have a pre-election photo oppurtunity with them?


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