Clive’s Still Confused…

THURROCK UKIP candidate Clive Broad asked a question to the leader of Thurrock Council last month that has somehow got lost in all the hubub of votes of no confidence etc.

Clive asked for details of Interim Chief Executive Bob Coomber’s salary.

The answer from council leader Garry Hague was: “It’s complicated”

Clive looked bemused.

After the meeting, Clive said: “If someone comes to my factory (Daybreak Windows) and asks for a price on a conservatory. I don’t say. It’s complicated. If I do then the customer will hardly have much confidence in me.”

So, Clive asked again on wednesday. Clive’s knowledge of procedure may be rough around the edges but he looked for an answer. He didn’t get it.

Clive said: “They never got back to me. As a taxpayer, I wanted to find out how much the Chief Executive is being paid. I find it a disgrace and a discourtesy that they wouldn’t get back to me.

“We will see what the voter thinks when we tell them that out on the streets between now and May 6th.

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