Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Because I Care….

SOMETIMES people give you an answer that fires right back at you. We asked prospective Tory council candidate for South Ockendon, Lyn Carr why she is standing as a Conservative. Lynn replied: “Because I have something to conserve” That stopped us in our tracks! Historically, that is what it is all about. Indeed, Robert Peel in his Tamworth Manifesto coined the phrase: “Conserve the good and reform the bad”

We have to remind ourselves and this resonated on wednesday when eight councillors retired, that people become or want to become councillors because most of them care.

Lyn has lived in South Ockendon all her life and has been prominent in many local issues over the last few years. Lynn has been a kind ear and link to the horse-owners over in Belhus Close Lane. Sometimes it is not a matter of whether you can stop something. It is a matter of being there for your constituents.

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