Councillor Fears “Third World” Health Service in Thurrock

A SENIOR Thurrock councillor has slammed the government’s plans to cut 52.6 million cut from the NHS budget.

The South West Essex NHS announced a £20 million cut to hospital patient funding with the remainder being cut from GP, Community Care and Dentist services.

Chair of the Health Committee, Aveley Councillor Wendy Herd said: “Thurrock is a growing borough with a growing population. We need more investment in health services not less. We need to see more doctors and more dentists to keep pace with our growing population.”

“ With one hand we had the great news work to transform the former Woolworths store on Grays High Street into a health centre is on track but with the other hand they announce an unprecedented £52 million cut form the health services we already have.”

“The Government promised key public services would be protected during the recession, yet these words ring hollow when the reality of these massive cuts begin to sink in. I have serious concerns about the future provision of quality healthcare in the borough and I have written to the NHS South West Essex demanding they be open and honest to residents and spell out exactly where the axe will fall and what services will be cut.”

It is vital Thurrock residents received a world class service…not a third world service!

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