Fly-Tipping: Thurrock’s Disgrace

YOU have to laugh: there among the debris and squalor of a hundred yards of rubbish, fly-tipped near to Courtney Road in Chadwell, was a council leaflet called “Limiting Landfill in Thurrock”

The real concern for many people is that with all the will in the world; with all the regeneration projects in the world, unless somebody somewhere deals very quickly with the epidemic of fly-tipping, then there will be serious questions about how Thurrock can be an attractive place for people to live.

It is surely not people’s imaginations. YourThurrock reporters drive around the borough every day and we are sure that the fly-tipping has become an epidemic.

This will be a test for the authorities, to move up a few gears and clamp down very quickly: not done a week later or not done at all. From a political perspective, this is clearly one of the messages that is coming from the doorsteps with the election only 36 days away.

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