Saturday, October 1, 2022

Appeal If You Think Your Rates Are Wrong

From 01 April 2010 businesses in Thurrock that think their new rateable values are wrongly calculated can lodge an appeal – that is the message form Essex FSB (Federation of Small Businesses).

Essex FSB spokesman for Thurrock, Ross Bannister, said: “New rateable values for businesses across Thurrock are now in force and we know from contact with members elsewhere that not every rateable value has been properly calculated.

“In some cases businesses have seen their rateable value more than double with many seeing increases around the 50 per cent level and not all such increases are justified.

“That is why the Valuation Office has an appeals process which is available from 01 April 2010 – the system is relatively easy to use and which most businesses can undertake on their own.

“We would encourage all Thurrock businesses to check their rateable values and have a look at the web site to see if they have grounds for an appeal which could reduce their business rates.

“We are also aware that some businesses have been approached by firms guaranteeing lower business rates in change for a fee and our message is that no such guarantee is available and to treat such claims with suspicion as for most appeals the business owner themselves can easily lodge the appeal.

“More details on how to lodge an appeal are available at and Essex FSB members can get free advice on how to lodge an appeal from the 24/7 Legal Advice Line which gives unlimited access to any fully paid up member who is paying the annual subscription which starts at £120.”


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