Sunday, December 3, 2023

Rise of the Independents

THIS could be one of the key aspects of the local elections in Thurrock this year. It sounds like the old Network speech: “I’m as mad as hell and I ain’t going to take it anymore.!”

The official declarations aren’t in yet but we understand that there are independent candidates preparing to stand in Aveley, Tilbury, Stanford and Little Thurrock Blackshots to name a few.

For some, it is standing on a single issue agenda such as Ian Heffron and the Tilbury Ferry. It has worked in parliament with Martin Bell and his anti-sleaze campaign. For others, they are confused, as to why community groups are having funding pulled to the tune of £20,000 while their councillors walks away with £20,000 per year in allowances.

This is clearly a point that the UKIP candidate in Aveley, Tim Aker makes and has tallied it up to over £500,000 per year.

Why we have 49 councillors is a moot point. The council talk about efficiency savings but some people believe that you could start by cutting the number of councillors by half. Bingo: £250,000 saved immediately that could go to community groups, ferry services and a whole host of services.

Some may say: Turkeys and Christmas come to mind. You may think that, we couldn’t possibly comment.




    Thurrock has two elections coming up.

    You have two choices to make. It would be easy to vote for the MP then go ditto for council.

    There are issues that need addressing in the area that I firmly believe can be resolved if you elect the right candidate.

    I am throwing my hat into Carl Morris’s ring on the election of MP. He has the credentials to do the job, I honestly believe he will get things done and is an ideal and honest replacement for Andrew.

    Now we have the local issues, yes I’m highlighting the Ferry and that the fact that it is not yet secured, a campaign started jointly with Carl who did a fantastic job in gaining the support of Perry at the Port.
    Carl is not returning to the council.

    You now have to ask, ”who will be the voice for the Ferry”, ”who will be the voice for the community”,
    There is only one voice that is shouting out for the community, that is mine, where are the others, where were they before?.

    Don’t fall into the trap of just putting Labour down because of Carl.
    It doesn’t work like that.
    Carl will be in Westminster, he will not be on the floor of the council.

    So when the decision comes to where you place your crosses,
    Vote ”Carl for Westminster”,
    Vote ”Ian for Thurrock”.

    That way you get the best of both worlds.
    In the words of Delboy, ‘You know it makes sense’.

  2. Ian you live on Canvey Island. Don’t come here and tell the people of Tilbury how they should vote. You are an outsider.

    The only reason the Port of Tilbury are splashing cash around the local community is because they are pushing plans to expand the port and build a massive lorry park on Tilbury marshes. They can’t buy us for 30 pieces of silver.

    As for your ferry campaign why the hell are Thurrock council giving over a single penny when Kent County Council own the route. Kent County Council should be paying all the costs to the ferry company.

  3. Hi Peter
    You are correct I do currently live on Canvey, it is my intention to relocate nearer if possible.
    With regards to the ferry I feel that this is an issue that will have a damning impact on the lives of many, these people deserve to be helped,
    I also have plans that involve the ferry, this is through the Tilbury Riverside Project of which I am the Volunteer Project Manager.
    You are right to mention the issue of funding, I will say here and now that I will explore every avenue to firstly protect the ferry then to see if there is a way to make it a more viable concern. Bringing in funding from various sourses.
    The ferry belongs to the community and needs to be secured.
    I must beg to differ with regards to the comments made about the Port of Tilbury, in fact the plans you mention are still just plans, which will be fully scrutinised and if need be objected to.
    Finally, I am respectfully asking for the people to vote for me furthermore, I am begging them to actually use their vote, sadly apathy is the true winner at elections.


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