Rise of the Independents

THIS could be one of the key aspects of the local elections in Thurrock this year. It sounds like the old Network speech: “I’m as mad as hell and I ain’t going to take it anymore.!”

The official declarations aren’t in yet but we understand that there are independent candidates preparing to stand in Aveley, Tilbury, Stanford and Little Thurrock Blackshots to name a few.

For some, it is standing on a single issue agenda such as Ian Heffron and the Tilbury Ferry. It has worked in parliament with Martin Bell and his anti-sleaze campaign. For others, they are confused, as to why community groups are having funding pulled to the tune of £20,000 while their councillors walks away with £20,000 per year in allowances.

This is clearly a point that the UKIP candidate in Aveley, Tim Aker makes and has tallied it up to over £500,000 per year.

Why we have 49 councillors is a moot point. The council talk about efficiency savings but some people believe that you could start by cutting the number of councillors by half. Bingo: £250,000 saved immediately that could go to community groups, ferry services and a whole host of services.

Some may say: Turkeys and Christmas come to mind. You may think that, we couldn’t possibly comment.

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