Wednesday, April 17, 2024

BNP: A Cup of Tea and Possibly a Slice of Cake

IT was whilst I was sipping on my tea and contemplating another slice of victoria sponge and checking out my facebook, that I almost spat out a mouthful across my laptop…no, not a pretty sight I can assure you.

See, what had nearly launched me from my chair, was that I had noticed in the daily news feed, a friend on my facebook page had joined the fan club for the ‘British National Party’, I didn’t even know they had a fan club!

Now I’m not big into Politics (change the P to a B please Bob). I did study it for a while in social sciences and didn’t do too bad either on my marked TMA, but I have always found it pretty dull & contradictory.

It mainly consists of a lot of older men waffling on, talking in riddles and sporting really bad hair cuts (you’d think with all that money they could afford a decent hairdresser). Now don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not all about the aesthetics, but when times are tough, it helps. I can think of better things to be listening to, watching or reading up on.

Though, seeing this fan club, it lit up a dormant something in me. I knew the basics of what this party stood for, it’s ideologies such and such, but did this ‘no names mentioned individual’ who had joined this fan club have any knowledge whatsoever on what they stood for.

I decided to take a deeper look into what the B.N.P was all about: their history, policies and ideologies. Was I over reacting I thought to myself, maybe they are not so bad now after all, I mean with time, things could have changed dramatically, could I have misunderstood and jumped to conclusions on this party?

I then messaged this ‘individual’ informing them of what I thought, from what I had researched on what the B.N.P stood for (it wasn’t looking good from the research: racism, homophobia, sexism to name but a few things that kept cropping up again and again). I waited patiently for their reply.

I received my reply from my facebook friend and fan of the B.N.P, I ‘quote unquote’, “everyone to their own thoughts and opinion…I don’t think they are”. I took from this that she meant, she didn’t think them wrong, racist, fascist, homophobic or sexist in any way shape or form. To which I replied along the lines of it being about choice, but as long as she was up on all their policies, history & ideologies making it an informed choice. I didn’t get a reply back from that one.

Hmmmm, I thought, I know this person, I know she has friends of a mixture of ethnicity and mixed race friends some of whose grandparents or parents may have been immigrants at some point along the line.

She is a nice young lady and I really didn’t think that if she truly knew what they were all about or what they stood for that she would support them. Would she?

My conclusion from all this is that she is young, probably doesn’t even know what a policy is or an ideology is and hasn’t actually looked into things further before coming to a decision & becoming a supporter of the B.N.P on FB. Then I got to thinking, how many more supporters out there who are possibly making off the cusp uninformed choices to support such groups like this, how many young or older people even, who do not truly understand what it’s all about are out there supporting the B.N.P on Face Book or otherwise? Quite a scary reality don’t you think.

Questions, Questions that’s what I got from this experience & I say it’s good to question not just take something as it is ‘selling’ itself to you. I hope my blog has given you food for thought, as it certainly did me. Maybe you’ll look even deeper yourselves into politics, maybe something from the depths has been awoken in you too! I’m off to have another cup of tea & that other slice of cake.

Your undercover Blogger…A.K.A…Mary Poppins.


  1. Whilst I can see your point in you article about the BNP and their background regarding racism etc surely it is down to the individuals choice on who they will vote for or indeed join, like it or not The BNP are a legitimate political party who have gained seats from legitimate votes from peopel who obvioulsy either believe that they are the party for them or they are so peed off with the constant bull from the main parties that they are looking for an alternative.

    No, I am not a member of the BNP, however, I am dissapointed with the mainstream parties lack of direction with the country and their constant back peddling on everything that they stood for, I was bought up in a staunch labour area in the North East, I remember when the then Tory Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher, closed down the mines and the shipyards albeit due to labour unions becoming too strong, I always thought that the labour party were the ones for the working man, but they have proved over their decade or so in power that this is no longer the case, they have screwed the british people, and I include all colours and creeds in that, the country is a hell of a lot worse now than under the last Tory government so people, myself included, are now looking for alternatives, be that UKIP, Ind, Green, LibDem or even the BNP.

    If the main parties want to get people back on board they need to look at what the people really want and one of the main complaints that I hear is the amount of immigration to this country and the lack of controls, this is even heard from people who came to this country years ago.

    This country is an island and our resources are already stretched to the max without the influx of more people from other countries who have not got means to support themselves, we should adopt the methods of Australia and Canada where a proper points based system is used and only allow people with trades that are required for jobs that require filling.

    Whilst the above may seem a racist point of view, I do not see myself as racist but more of a nationalist, I am proud of my country and heritage but if I show this I am classed as a racist which must surely be wrong?

  2. Some counter-arguments
    1. Something akin to the ‘we are stretched to the limit’ was made about 200 years ago, when the population was about 7 times less what it is today. The doomsayers were proved wrong then, what makes you think this time will be different?
    2. Do you really think that a BNP policies are complex enough to deal with international relations and a globalised economy? Somehow, I think ‘immigrants out’ has its limits as a policy.
    3. If we go by the record of where the BNP has achieved a modicum of power, it has typically in resulted in more ethnic tension and violence (e.g. Oldham), more corruption (e.g. Barking), with no positive side-effects.

    I really do feel the need for an alternative party – I have no love for any of the mainstreams. I think the point Michael is making in the article is that you need to think deeply about those alternatives – be careful what you wish or vote for!


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