Monday, March 4, 2024

Gypsy Lane Pre-School: Closed

IT HAS been a sad fact that in the two years that yourthurrock has been “on air’ we have seen many victims of the recession. Whether it has been the last days of Woolworths to people who have taken their own life over the pressures of redundancy each case is very very sad.

We went down to the last day of the Gypsy Lane Pre-School in the hall behind St Peters in Grays to interview owner Tracey Brockis.

There are a combination of factors as to why they are closing. As opposed to a “Kiddies Group Slam Church” or “Tots Group Left Homeless. Council No Help” style articles we felt it was appropriate to just let Tracey and daughter Carla to explain on the last day, why they are closing after nineteen years.


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