Sunday, December 3, 2023

Thurrock Carpet Boss Backs Tory Jackie on Tax Plans

Jackie Doyle-Price Conservative PPC for Thurrock  has backed enthusiastically new Conservative plans to stop a new jobs tax on working families and local firms across Thurrock

Labour Ministers confirmed in the recent Budget that Gordon Brown’s Government will be increasing National Insurance on both workers and local businesses. Under Labour’s tax-raising plans, anyone earning over £20,000 a year will see their pay packet shrink. Labour will also increase the tax that local firms pay for hiring workers who earn £5,700 a year or more.

By contrast, a Conservative Government will stop increase on workers and will reduce the additional burden on employers.

Jackie said, “Under Conservative proposals anyone earning between £7,100 and £45,400 – seven out of ten working people across the country – will be up to £150 a year better off than under Labour’s plans.

At least 25,800 working people across Thurrock will be better off as a result. A typical nurse, teacher, firefighter or police officer would save £150 a year. People on lower incomes will benefit the most as a proportion of their incomes. And an estimated 57,00 jobs across Britain  could be saved by making it less expensive for firms to hire workers.”

The Conservative plans have have been backed by leading business figures including Lord Harris of Peckham, Chairman and Chief Executive of Carpetright, headquartered in Thurrock.

Jackie said, “For the last 13 years, working people Thurrock have seen their taxes go up and up and their money wasted. Now Gordon Brown is planning a tax on jobs that will hit anyone earning over £20,000 a year, destroy  jobs across and kill the recovery.

We simply cannot go on like this.  Soon we will have our opportunity to pass our verdict on this Labour Government.  This is yet a further reason why we have to embrace change under the Conservatives.”


  1. Huzzah! This gentleman with his extensive knowledge of flogging lino has worked out from where in Whitehall the £6,000,000,000 per year to pay for Mr Osborne’s NIC wheeze is coming from. Let’s hope he tells George before he has to implement it. Even so Labour must lose Sth Basildon/E Thurrock as if they win there they’ll have another Commons majority.  Lib Dems, UKIPers and Greens can safely vote Tory there to block it without Cameron having a majority, but lower down the Tory target list in Thurrock voting Tory is too risky.  A win there likely means a Tory majority so in Thurrock Labour must be backed to stop it.


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