Council Hopeful Profile: Martin Healy (Lab)

BETWEEN now and May 6th, YourThurrock plans to interview as many candidates as possible in the local and national elections. There are going to be many fascinating races. Martin Healy is stepping into Carl Morris’ shoes at Grays Riverside. A fascinating ward of contrasts and challenges. Irishman Martin has been a councillor before. Martin could be described as a blend of new and old labour, which has to be the key to whether Labour win the local elections on May 6th.

One of the concerns by many in the borough is that Labour still have too many “Old Labour’ representatives that know all the problems, know all the faults but have very little grasp of the solutions. As one critic said: “Instead of looking to 2020, they want to go back to 1920.”

Martin has been busy fighting for his party in his ward and across the borough. We caught up with him down by the riverside.

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