Sunday, December 3, 2023

Labour Welcome Dispersal Order For Stifford

Campaigners and community leaders have welcomed the announcement of a dispersal order to help combat anti – social behaviour around the shops at Crammavill Street.

The campaign for action has been led by the local community forum and Labour Councillor, Diana Hale.

Councillor Hale explained “A number of people have come to my advice surgery to tell me how intimidated they feel when they meet large groups of youths in Crammavill Street – it was clear the Police and Council needed to act.”

The order, which came into force on April 1st, gives the police the power to move groups of people away from the area – if they are causing a nuisance.

Diana said “I am delighted to have worked closely with the police and community forum to identify the boundaries of the order so a large area of Stifford Clays is covered. This will stop the problem being simply moved on to somewhere else.”

Stifford Clays Labour has called on Thurrock Council to improve youth facilities in Stifford Clays.

Diana said “It is important we give these youngsters something to do. I have been lobbying Thurrock Council for months to provide better facilities for youngsters in the area – and at the very least get the Youth Service into the area of a weekend.

Labour Spokesperson Angela Gaywood said “As I have been out and about meeting people in Stifford Clays many people have spoken to me about the problem of youngsters hanging around Crammavill Street and the lack of anything for them to do. I have two teenagers of my own so I know very well the need for better youth services around here. The dispersal order is a real help – but we need to give our young people something better to do with their time.”

The Dispersal Order started on 1st of April and runs until 30th September. The boundaries are – Prince Phillip Avenue, Whitmore Avenue to Elmway, Oakway, Meadow Road, to Blackthorn Road, fairway to Long Lane, Long Lane to Goddard Road, Palins Way, Hogarth Road, Grantham Way and all roads and footpaths within.


  1. Whilst I can see the need for these dispersal orders all it does is to move the problem to another area, we really need to give the youth something to do rather than keep moving them on, soon it will become like a police state where there will be curfews on all people under 16.

    We are slowly alienating our youth from society, yes deal with the main offenders of Anti-Social behaviour through the powers of arrest and, if needs be, detention but lets not start pushing the youth from pillar to post as all this will do is to make them resent those around them.

  2. Yes I agree with you Lambo. The Stifford Forum, Councillor Diana Hale, the Local police and PCSO’s, the Central Cluster of Schools and Impuse Leisure are working very hard to try and find ways of providing facilities for the youth in Stifford Clays. The dispersal order is just a short term fix but we do realise that this is not the answer long term. Of course if you have any ideas then we would gladly welcome you to the group. Watch this space.


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