Young, Gifted and a Councillor Soon?

AT the last local election in 2008, the number of Black and Minority Ethnic students at Grays School and Media Arts College stood at around 5%. Today, the number in Year 7 and 8 stands nearer 45%.

Suppose a 1000 of those parents lived in the ward of Grays Riverside. Suppose a candidate stood at the local election that crystallised all their hopes for a brighter future in the borough of Thurrock.

This is the challenge that faces prospective ward councillor for Grays Riverside, Michael Abodiun.

We have seen Michael out and about in the borough over the last year. At Black History month, at the Holocaust Memorial Service. He has a very smart web-site, a facebook site, twitter. He is on the internet but also on the doorstep.

Is there substance to what he says? Well, we interviewed Michael for over half an hour. Judge for yourself. We make no predictions but if I were the others, I would keep working harder but perhaps start working smarter.

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