Sunday, June 4, 2023

Carys Feeling The Clegg Bounce

OUT and about in the april sunshine, Thurrock Lib-Dem parliamentary candidate Carys Davis has been basking in the glow of Nick Clegg’s performance on the Leaders’ Debate on ITN.

From her stall outside the State Cinema, Carys said: “It has been a really productive saturday. a lot of people have approached us and asked for more information on the Lib-Dems.

“They saw Nick’s performance on thursday and really wanted to learn more.

“There is only so much you can do by knocking on doors. Ten million viewers seeing how impressive Nick Clegg was could see us gain a lot of votes.”

Carys plans to go to Chafford Hundred tomorrow where many analysts believe she could pick up a lot of votes.


  1. Got to admit the Nick Clegg came out very much on top in the Leader’s Debate, he left both David and Gordon high and dry, looks ike the Lib dems have got a very capable leader in Nick, the thing is how many people will now concider them as party to push the other two out of the 1st and 2nd places.

  2. Upon reading news papers after the debate it turns out that some of Nick Clegg’s ‘facts’ were actually fiction. See Daily Telegraph last Friday. I guess its easy for the ‘middle man’ to make random comments to press his case but what we need is some real truth.
    Is he therefore the new face of politics or just the same old mutton dressed as lamb?

  3. There I was thinking about looking further into the Lib Dems and concidering them as a realistic choice for Parliament then I fond out that Clegg wants to have an amnesty on the illegal immigrants, what on earth is he thinking about, this will not resolve matter but only server to make things worse, the Lib Dems need to grow a pair of balls and tackle this issue head on and not with wooly policies……

    Lib Dem 0 Cons 1


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