Shadow Transport Minister Backs Orsett Campaign

WE WERE going to say that Shadow Tranport Minister, Theresa Villiers made a flying visit to Orsett yesterday but that would have been an unfortunate pun considering the empty skies overhead.

Ms Villiers was met by PPC Stephen Metcalfe and Orsett councillor Mike Revell in Conway Road. Cllr Revell handed over the petition

Stephen Metcalfe said: “The Department of Transport issued its proposals for a new Thames crossing in April 2009. Of the 5 options originally considered, 3 have been put forward for further consideration. All 3 cross the Thames into Thurrock.

A survey taken by Angela Smith MP, given to the Minister of Transport, Lord Adonis, reported that 45% of the respondents, favoured Option C. This is the crossing passing through Orsett.

However a later, wider petition organised by Councillor Mike Revell throughout Orsett clearly demonstrated that an overwhelming number of residents were against Option C.”

YourThurrock spoke to Ms Villiers about the challenges and opportunities facing transportation in Thurrock in the twenty-first century as well as asking her to reflect upon the Leaders’ debate.

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