Sunday, July 21, 2024

Ward By Ward: Belhus


Wendy Curtis (Lab)
Ricky Strickson (BNP)
Emma Woods (Cons)

Bit of a straightforward one this. Wendy Curtis, wife of Cllr Charlie Curtis has been part of the South Ockendon political community for a long time. Week in and week out, she has been working with the community forum, the residents association and knows every nook and cranny of the ward.

In many ways, her roles transcends politics, which for many is a good thing. Wendy and Charlie represent good old fashioned community harmony and spirit. It is always significant that many of the South Ockendon councillors (both sides) refer to putting something back into the community.

Wendy will clearly be the link between the community, the council and the officers. In short: Wendy cares.

What will change is next year when perhaps, following Michael Abodiun’s campaign in Grays Riverside, a representative from the BME community decides to take a stand. That would be interesting.

Prediction: Lab Hold


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