Sunday, June 4, 2023

Carl in Command

THE LABOUR HQ is a whirlwind of activity down in Tilbury. The office is crammed with people on the phones, stacking newspapers, sending letters, updating websites and stretching every sinew in the fight to defend the majority of 6,375.

Carl is keeping it local. The campaign hinges on the hundreds of campaigns he has been at the centre of for the last twenty five years.

We get the same feeling from Carl as we do from Stephen Metcalfe in the neighbouring constituency, that this is their time. They are neither complacent nor under-estimating the standard and challenge of the opposition but they feel that the signs are good.

With both campaigns it is the team that counts and every day they have had people out in the wards, securing every vote.

Carl’s campaign has been canny. He appears to have kept a politically respectful distance from Gordon Brown while bringing in a plethora of political heavyweights such as Hilary Benn, Alastair Campbell, John Healey and David Miliband.

Still nineteen days to go and anything, as they say, can happen but Team Carl feel they control the agenda, the pace and the runes. We will see.

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  1. The issue of immigration is said to be second only to the economy in this general Election. Some 76% of the electorate believe that the rates of immigration into this country over the past few years have been too high – and the changes in Thurrock since the last election are clear to see. BBC’s Panorama tonight asks if Britain is full up.

    Strange, then, that when the Labour Party’s card was dropped through my letter box with an invitation to indicate which of ten ‘Top Issues’ concerned me most, the ‘I’ word was conspicuous only by its total and complete absence.

    I can only conclude that either:

    Carl Morris is so completely out of touch with the views of the electorate that he doesn’t realise its an issue – and why would I vote for someone that disconnected; or

    Carl Morris does appreciate the concerns of the 76% but considers their views unimportant – in which case why would I vote for someone so arrogant.

  2. These two comments seem to bear no relation to the interview and while I can understand that everyone is entitled to their own view, but these seem a little bizarre. When asked what the main issues are in Thurrock, the first thing Morris says is that immigration is a problem. When asked about why he wants to be an MP, his response is all about representing Thurrock. He provides, what sounds like, valid evidence about why he is not interested in being MP for anywhere else.
    Ignore these comments and listen to the man, then judge for yourself.

  3. Is Carl ashamed to live in Chafford Hundred?

    His home address on his nomination paper is given as Grays.

    Yet the road is in Chafford Hundred.

    Perhaps Chafford Hundred isn’t working class enough and Grays sounds better?

  4. Time and time again we have had Labour councillors, including Carl Morris, on Your Thurrock bemoaning the fact that Thurrock Council hires consultants.

    Odd then that Carl Morris’s has employed PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTANTS Karian & Box of 8 The Broadway London to design his leaflets and website.

    I know Labour are well know for spin but Carl goes a step further and employs profesional spin doctors! Are these Carl’s words or carefully prepared and reheared scripts from his spin doctors?

  5. Please God do not let this ego become my MP it has been apparant for a long period of time now that Carl Morris will always look after his interests first and his constiuents last, he may talk a good game but I dont believe he has ever delivered in many years as a public servant, he is not a patch on Andrew


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