Saturday, December 2, 2023

Daleks at Lakeside

AS the new look Daleks made their victorious return to Doctor Who on Saturday, Waterstone’s Lakeside is delighted to announce that the actor behind their distinctive voices, Nicholas Briggs, will be appearing in the store this coming Saturday, 24th April, from 11am – and that he will be bringing with him his ring modulator device to demonstrate how the effect of the Dalek voice is achieved!

Nick has been providing the voice of the Daleks since the show returned in 2005, and has also voiced other famous monsters for the series, including the Cybermen and the Judoon.

He also made an on screen appearance in last years series of Torchwood playing Rick Yates. Nick will be at the store to sign a new CD release ‘Holmes and the Ripper’ in which he plays the famous detective, and will also be signing various Dalek related CD’s.’


  1. Have they got a lot of sofas at Lakeside so we can all hide behind them when the Daleks come out 🙂

  2. It is said that Yash Gupta, who was the Labour cabinet member for Transport and who is responsible for dotting road humps throughout the borough has a fear of daleks.

    It is said that he thought the mass of road humps would act as a defence against the daleks who would be unable to trundle over them.

    So although he has saved parts of the borough from a dalek invasion he has left many a cursing mortorist.


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