Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thurrock Election Hustings

THOSE expecting a bust-up at worst or churchillian rhetoric at best would have been disappointed. The questions were mild, the answers considered.

In front of the congregation at St Peter’s church, the five candidates answered questions on a variety of subjects from the economy, values to assisted suicides without every really getting going.

In many ways, the safe option was the best. Carl Morris was considered, Jackie Doyle-Price analytical and Carys Davis incisive while Clive Broad and Emma Colgate did what it said on the tin.

This isn’t where the votes will be won and lost but on the doorsteps of West Thurrock, South Ockendon, Grays and Aveley over the next fourteen days.

It is all about timing here. Nobody lost the election last night. Now the challenge is who can win it?


The Christian Party fielded a candidate on tuesday but it was too late for them to be invited.


  1. Just a quick question regarding the recent debates that have been going on in the borough, why is the Church getting involved in Politics?? this is one of the main reasons that put me off religion when I was younger, there is nothing worse than a preist/vicar standing at the pulpit going on about politics………

    Keep religion and politics seperate.

  2. It was great to see this event go ahead… even in a church! The church is involved not to promote any particular party but to ensure that we the people are informed.
    Well done to those who organised the evening.

  3. The church (in the widest sense) can’t not be involved in politics! For a start, the idea of an election is that everyone can have a vote, whatever their belief system – which means we’re all involved in politics (whether we like it or not).
    William Wilberforce is probably the outstanding example of a man moved by his Christian faith to enter politics and spend his entire life serving those who might not share his beliefs in the pursuance of the abolition of slavery.
    It’s a shame the final statement and prayer of Grays Baptist pastor Colin Baker are not included on this video has they brought a sense of accountability to the proceedings for candidate and voter alike. So the Christian witness actually brings provides checks and balances to the political process – on behalf of the constituency – which is why this hustings (and the one in East Thurrock) was so important. It’s not just about the party, its also about character, integrity and servanthood.
    I hope, Lambo, you can say ‘amen’ to that!

  4. The churches organise hustings across the UK. They do not interfere with politics just give a platform for the candidates to be questioned by the public.

  5. Dave, having just seen the story on the BBC regarding the Lichfield Diocese which had advised 600 churches against inviting the BNP to any of the hustings that they are organising and this has also been backed by The Archbishop of Canterbury sit it just goes to prove my point that the Church does interfere in politics and has it’s own agenda.


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