Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ward By Ward: Ockendon


Lynn Carr (Cons)
Mark Gorman (BNP)
Thomas Kelleher (UKIP)
Tony Lane (Lab)

Another fascinating ward. On the one hand, this should be route one local campaigning for Labour. Tony Lane is Cllr Sue Gray’s partner. He has been, like Sue, a mainstay of the forums and resident associations in the ward. A classic footsoldier, who feels he is ready to take the next step. He has big shoes to fill in that he has replaced the formidable Barrie Lawrence, who brought a large personal vote.

However, this ward has two sitting Conservative councillors and it may be the ward that has slipped under the radar. It is clear that the Tories have been out there. Candidate Lynn Carr is a first timer, a little nervous and a tad vague about the policies but she is keen. It is all about the next two weeks and the last couple of days. If Lynn can mobilise her troops then it could be close.

Just don’t underestimate the ability of Barry Johnson to get out there and do the hard yards over the next fourteen days and especially the final 48 hours. To be fair, both parties have been present on all the campaigns. Bentons Farm, Flowers Estate, Horses near the River Ham. Indeed, Lynn was on the phone to YourThurrock regarding a constituent yesterday. Both parties have been present at the forums and in meetings with the police and other key agencies.

Indeed, it is in many ways it is always a pleasure to attend and report on issues in the ward

Amanda Arnold won with a majority of 202 in 2008, Barry Johnson squeezed home by 14 in 2007 and Barrie Lawrence by 125 on 2006.

Prediction: Too Close To Call…..To be reviewed on May 3rd…..


  1. Just listened to this and read the article, if Lyn Carr is “a tad vague “, this man is on a different planet, I know which candidate I will be voting for, I dont think he even lives within the Ockendon ward

  2. I was’nt aware residency in the ward was a requirement for election to office.
    I have listened to both Tory and Labour candidates.
    The Tory candidate is more concerned with horses.
    Whatever happened to people first?
    I know where my vote is going.


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