Friday, December 8, 2023

Shane Hebb….Sorry, Who Are You?

WHATEVER happens in the local and general elections of 2010, it will be noted for the energy and commitment of the young turks in the Conservative Party.

It was a key part of David Cameron’s rally at Palmer’s College yesterday. Shane, James Halden, Cllr Danny Nicklen, Chris Scalise and many many others were an integral part of the event and an integral part of the Conservative Future/future.

What has been impressive is that they have been out there over the last six months come rain or shine or indeed snow.

We spoke to Shane up in Defoe Parade in Chadwell St Mary. A tough baptism but one he is clearly relishing. Shane is only twenty two but has already spent five years working and the maturity shines through. He even batted away a tricky question on the Tory plans two years ago to close down the local primary school.

It will be interesting to see whether they are all still around by 2015.

Some observers have been concerned that while the young guns have been walking the walk, some of the senior Tories have been sitting at home.

Indeed, it surely must have stuck in young Shane’s throat that after all those hours, days indeed months of campaigning, he attended the Election Hustings on wednesday night and on being introduced to his Deputy Leader, it was clear that she had no idea who he was.

This won’t concern Shane and he will treasure yesterday’s memories being photographed with David Cameron for a lifetime. Let us hope that after the election, the party nurtures such talent.


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