Thursday, May 23, 2024

“The Battleground Is Here Not At Palmer’s”

WHILE David Cameron was rallying the troops at Palmer’s College, Lib-Dem candidate Carys Davis was keeping her feet on the ground as she campaigned in Grays High Street on saturday afternoon.

The Lib-Dems gained just under 5,000 votes in Thurrock five years ago but it is anticipated that Carys could easily double that as Thurrock voters may embrace the idea of voting for the Liberal Democrats on the back of a massive surge in popularity.

Having observed Mr Cameron’s speech we headed down to Grays to gauge Carys’ reaction to a number of the issues stressed by the Tory leader including the emphatic plea that we must not have a hung parliament and the admission that “we weren’t targetting Thurrock but we are now”


  1. I think the Lib Dems have proved themselves to be a real party of choice this time around rather than the bridesmaid party that they have always been.

    However, I still think their party line on the amnesty of illegal immigrants could potentialy be their downfall, immigration is very large part of the manifesto that people are looking at as each party up to naow has made a complete hash of things and an amnesty is certainly not the way forward.


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