Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ward By Ward: Stanford East and Corringham Town

Stanford East and Corringham Town

Phil Anderson (Cons)

Phil Smith (Lab)

David Godfrey (BNP)

Peter Fox (UKIP)

120 majority to the Tories in 2008, 61 majority for Labour in 2007. The quintessential swing seat in Thurrock. This is a fascinating battle between the veteran Labour councillor, Phil Smith and the fascinating Phil Anderson.

Both have been working very hard. We caught up with Phil on thursday night and he is taking nothing for granted unlike Gordon Gambier in 2008 and Tony Benson in 2007. Phil is one of the “working quietly behind the scenes” councillors. Often seen at meetings such as the Tory Cabinet, taking notes. Not a firebrand but no-one is in doubt that he is working very hard to eke out every vote. It could all be a question of whether the voter decided to vent their anger at Gordon Brown or Thurrock Council. Will the Corringham Car Parking debacle come back to haunt the Tories. Will Angela Smith’s personal appeal help?

Good candidates have lost before and that would be the case if Phil Anderson did. We have already extolled the virtues of Phil and believe he would be a breath of fresh air for the Tories as well as injecting a vital energy into them.

Two contrasting styles. It is, in many ways, a shame that someone has to lose….

Prediction: Tory Gain


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