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Ward-By-Ward: Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park

Keith Hatcher (Ind)

Bukky Okunade (Lab)

Ian Heffron (Ind)

Georgette Polley (Cons)

Anthony McGinn (BNP)

From 2007 to 2009, the turnout at local elections has hovered over 30% but at national elections such as in 2005, it jumps up to 60%. For all our predictions, this is a huge factor and could mean a number of things.

You would tend to think that voters will revert to type. For all the talk of protest votes, class de-alignment and the rational choice model, many voters will put a cross next to their national candidate and then do the same for the local candidate. At least that is the plan.

Tilbury has had a number of problems over the past few years. Disputes within the Labour group have seen disaffected candidates stand as Independents. The consequence of this was that in 2007 the BNP went close and in 2008, closer, as Emma Colgate was elected as a councillor.

Could it happen again? Indep candidate Keith Hatcher thinks he has 400 votes in the bank over in Thurrock Park. People can be polite on the doorstep. Keith acknowledged that both the Tories and Labour helped out with the Lorry Park and “rat-run” controversies. Will people turn their back on them to register a protest vote. The same question applies to Ian Heffron’s campaign as well.

So what chances for Bukky Okunade? We have filmed over 100 pieces since the campaign began but Bukky’s piece down at the Tilbury market was one of the best interviews we have witnessed. We are always happy to admit that we are wrong and may have underestimated the amount of work that Bukky does and the passion she feels for the community.

Just have a look at this interview and judge for yourself.

You have the feeling that if the BNP were able to get Nick Griffin down to Tilbury then they could have mounted a similar charge as in 2008.

The Tilbury of 2010 is vastly different from that of 2008. Gateway Academy sparkles with a diverse community and many stagnant buildings are being re-ignited by the influx of a new community.

Of all the areas, Labour have been working Tilbury day after day. They may well reap on May 6th what they have sown.

Prediction: Lab Hold


  1. Can I wish my fellow candidates well.
    Also Mr McGinn it would have been nice if you had introduced yourself when we met this week.
    May be you’ll shake my hand on Thursday. Come what may.
    Ian Heffron.

  2. “the turnout at local elections has hovered over 30%” this is a terrible state of affairs, so either 70% don’t give a flying fig about local politics, they are happy with what they have already, or don’t think they can make a difference.

    Voter apathy in this country is appauling, people moan about the current state of affairs but then fail to vote one way or another, maybe they feel that their current choice of candidates do not reflect how they feel, I know that personally I have been to the polling booth previously and there have only been an couple of candidates in my ward that have put themselves up for election and neither of which were my party of choice, so I did not register a vote for either.

    Maybe it is time for the addition of None Of The Above to be placed on the voting slips that way there wuld be a good indication to all the parties that they have got work to do to convince the electorate they they are the ones for the job.

    Tilbury has been a hotbed of politics over the past couple of years, indeed it has been in the news quite a few times and not always for the good work that has been done.

    Prediction: either Con or BNP to take control.


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