Friday, March 1, 2024

War of Words on Council Housing

Conservatives have slammed Labour’s “latest lies” about the Conservatives policies for council housing.

The Tories have claimed that in a letter to council tenants the Labour candidate has suggested that a Conservative Government will increase their rent and remove their security of tenure. In a visit to Seabrooke Rise, Grant Shapps, the prospective Conservative Minister for Housing was able to “allay residents’ concerns”.

A furious Mr Shapps emphatically declared that the suggestions are absolute lies.

He said:

“Scaremongering by Gordon Brown’s Labour candidate is nothing more than a desperate attempt to frighten tenants from a Government on its last legs. The reality is that Conservatives will absolutely protect and defend tenants’ rights and get back to building more affordable homes.

“Labour have failed to build new homes; failed to get people onto the housing ladder and are resorting to pure and simple lies as they have no good story to tell.

“If people want to be secure in their own homes and have more opportunity to move up the housing ladder, they should vote for Jackie.”

Jackie Doyle-Price said:

“This letter is the latest attempt by a desperate Labour Party to frighten people into voting for them. They have lied about health treatment, they have lied about Sure Start. They have lied about our policies for pensioners.

“Labour have failed to give any positive reason as to why anyone should vote for them on Thursday.

“We Conservatives have a clear agenda for fixing our economy and tackling the social problems which affect our society. This week we have the chance to make change happen. Lets grab it.”


  1. Once more the Labour party try the scare tactics to try and win votes, I suppose desperate times calls for desperate measures and Labour will stoop to any depths to try and win back the public even if they are blatent lies.

    Also interesting to see that PCC Morris has adopted the BNP slogan on his campaign leaflets (Made In Thurrock)


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