Monday, February 26, 2024

Jackie Enjoys Her First Day As MP

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price returned to Thurrock last night after formally taking her seat in the House of Commons yesterday (Tuesday). For all 229 new MP’s it was like the first day at school as the new MP’s were shepherded around the Palace of Westminster.

Jackie had been through the accreditation and familiarisation process last week but yesterday was the big day proper.

With David Cameron taking his seat with the strange sight of Deputy PM, Nick Clegg next door Jackie reflected on the day.

She said: “Yesterday was the first day that becoming an MP felt real. Yes. many of us were looking a little lost but needless to say, staff already knew exactly who was who.

“Some compared the whole process to Hogwarts!

“We do not have offices yet so MP’s are dotted about the building with their laptops precariously perched.”

We asked Jackie how long she felt the government would be allowed to settle in.

Jackie said: “Unlike 1979 and 1997, I don’t feel we will be allowed a long honeymoon. In many ways, Labour have left us no choice.

“Liam Byrne’s note and the news that civil servant asked for Letters of Direction from Labour in the last days of the regime, looks like there was an element of “Apres Moi, Le Deluge” from Gordon Brown’s government.

“I said on the campaign that we had to win to prevent the country from going into bankruptcy and now we must set about preventing that process from occurring.”


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