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Palmer’s Students Mentoring Students

A small group of 2nd year A-level Law students have been sacrificing their lunch-times to help their peers as part of the college’s new student-led Law Peer Mentoring Scheme.

The scheme was introduced by the Law department back in November 2009 and is now coming to an end for this academic year as students sit their AS and A2 exams.

10 students volunteered earlier on but numbers dwindled with students having other course commitments. However, four students (Vish Flora, Rachel Day, Alex Cannon and Eloise Turnnidge) have continued to dedicate their time since November to help AS students improve their essays and grades. The mentors were trained by Law teaching staff, who were on hand during the weekly sessions.

AS student mentee, Zoe Silverton said: “I joined up as I wanted help with planning and structuring my essays. I really recommend the scheme to other Law students who are struggling as my grades have definitely improved. It would be so great to have something similar in my other subjects.”

Mentee, Lucy Payne also added: “I was so use to getting U’s and to finally get a B in my last essay was a brilliant feeling. The mentor system is a great way to improve your confidence in the subject as well as improve your grades.”

A2 Law student and mentor, Vish Flora said: “Being a mentor was really beneficial in developing my people skills, which is a vital skill for being a Solicitor. It also acted as a revision session for us, which was really helpful. Seeing the students improve was extremely rewarding.”

Mark Vinall, principal of Palmer’s College said: “I am delighted to see the introduction of our new Law Peer Mentoring Scheme which will deliver real and lasting benefits for both AS and A2 Law students.”


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