Thursday, December 7, 2023

“One Shambles For Another” Say UKIP

UKIP RISING Tim Aker star is not impressed at the “new politics” at Thurrock Council.

Taking the Tories to task for a start: Tim believes that beleaguered Tory leader Garry Hague should have been ditched by his group, the minute he lost the vote of confidence.

Many believed at that time that they should not be held hostage by one disaffected leader. Fine principles but as 50% of the Tory cabinet were “economically inactive”, they are all sitting around as we speak, between £10 and £15k poorer but probably none the wiser.

“Stagger on or serious opposition?” is the cry from Tim.

Tim calls for innovation in spending and saving. He has seen it in councils such as Hillingdon, Hammersmith and Fulham and demands that Thurrock follow suit. Perhaps he has more in common with “smart thinking” Dep. Leader Val Morris-Cook than he would care to admit.


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