Thursday, April 18, 2024

New Education Boss Defends Primary’s Record

New Education Boss, cllr Diana Hale has given Thurrock’s beleaguered primary schools the “dreaded vote of confidence” as she denies plan to federate with Southend.

In her first statement clllr Hale has been quick to back the schools which have found themselves the subject of eighteen months of underwhelming Ofsted reports.

Sources close to yourthurrock have claimed that the primary schools had wanted closer links with Havering but Director of Education, seizing the chance after the borough were the only one in the country to put up a zero resistance to a SATS boycott “railroaded” the schools towards closer links with Southend.

Cllr Hale said: “Relationships between schools and Local Authorities nationally are quite complex and, inevitably in complex relationships, from time to time conflicts arise and need to be aired.

“In Thurrock, schools and the Local Authority share a common commitment to doing the very best we can for children, their families and communities and that means working through differences to achieve real outcomes for children and young people.

“There is no plan nor has there been any discussion about federating schools with Southend.

” Every LA, including Thurrock, is exploring with other public sector bodies how shared services or partnerships might enable greater efficiency and limit the risk of public sector saving impairing on frontline services. We will continue these dialogues and schools will be fully consulted in proposals that might impact upon them.

“The Council is confident that primary schools are professionally led and in an appropriately challenging relationship with the Local Authority, to suggest otherwise is to ignore the experience, competence and professionalism of school leaders across the borough.”


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