Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Youth Who “Hospitalised” Police Walks Free

A YOUTH whose actions resisting arrest ended with two police officers in hospital walked free from court.

The sixteen-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was asked to stop by police near to Stanford-le-Hope Railway Station on the 14th May. He ran away, was apprehended by the police but as he resisted, lashed out at the officers, causing damage to their head, arms and legs that required hospital attention.

On being searched, the youth was found to be in possession of three bags of cannabis.

He pled guilty to possession of the drug and to assaulting the officers.

The court heard that the youth, a self confessed drug user, had been subject to a whole host of punishment, curfews and rehabilitation orders but had failed to comply with the vast majority of them.

One reason given for not attending a supervision meeting was that he “couldn’t get up in the morning”.

Magistrate Margaret Caisley told the youth that this was his “last chance”. She revoked his last Rehabilitation Order, replacing it with a new Youth Rehabilitation Order for twelve months.


  1. What an absolute joke the Justice system is, I assume that the Magistrate is either an old git or from another planet, the sooner these magistrates either step down or get with the real world the better.

    Just what sort of message does this give to other criminals, I seriously hope that the officers take out a private prosecution against this piece of scum

  2. If the roles had been reversed and a police officer had hospitalised two youths, he would have been sacked from his job and likely face a prison term for Grievous Bodily Harm. This is an appalling case of double standards by the magistrate, Margaret Caisley, who should now seriously consider standing down from the bench.


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